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Production (Stock) Kawasaki BruteForce, Brute Force 750
960x720  131 KB
   2006 BruteForce
Date: 18-Jun-20
Views: 719
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 6.17

Brute Force 750

Jumps Kawasaki BruteForce, my brute force rippen it up in the smokey hills
960x720  109 KB
   2005 BruteForce
Date: 09-Jun-20
Views: 335
Votes: 19 / Ave.: 5.11

my brute force rippen it up in the smokey hills

22-Mar-09 - looks kinda fake bud, A.) the fact that u can manage to stare into a camera while hitting a jump is suprising, B.) who goes jumping a big bore quad without a helmet?? dosent make sense..C.) its just the way the quad is lined up with the angle of the jump looks funky to me...i believe photoshop is to blaim :(
Production (Stock) Kawasaki BruteForce, Mama playing in the sand
960x605  192 KB
Date: 08-Jun-20
Views: 429
Votes: 43 / Ave.: 5.60

Mama playing in the sand

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